CFI 6 Week Program

The goal of the 6 Week Program is to supply the flooring industry with what is lacking- young, trained installers. We will recruit from your area to find a hire-able individual to train for 5 weeks in Residential Carpet and one week in Hardwood/Laminate/LVP. The installer will graduate with the ability to confidently install Residential Carpet and Hardwood/Laminate/LVP for a basic three bedroom home. 


Residential Carpet Installation

The CFI Residential Carpet course is a comprehensive overview of basic residential carpet installation starting with how to approach a customer’s door to how to leave a jobsite. CFI has partnered with local retailers and builders to allow students on-the-job experience. Graduates will leave the class with the ability and confidence to go in to install an average 3-bedroom home. Students will receive a CFI R-I certification upon successful completion.

Intro to Hardwood/Laminate/LVP

The basic Hardwood/Laminate/LVP course is an introductory overview of basic residential pre-engineered Hardwood and Laminate/LVP installation.


The student's cost of training is $1500. The $1500 can be payed out interest free for 12 months, starting 45 days after the student is placed with the Retailer. 



The recruitment process will begin when there has been a minimum of 6 students/installers registered and paid retainer. CFI will handle all recruitment to fill the class in your requested area. Once 6 installers have been paid for (retainer), CFI then has 60 days to completely fill the class. CFI to hold each installer accountable – i.e. Background Checks, Drug Test, Reference Check. CFI will only be promising the body of the installer to local retailers (no van, no helper, etc.)

After Training

Once the installer has been placed with a Retailer – The Retailer will sign a promissory note to CFI agreeing to pay $400.00 a month for 24 months. The first payment will be due 15 days after the installer is hired on with that Retailer.

*If for some reason the retailer is not happy with their installer CFI will train and send another installer.

For training purposes, Local Retailers to provide on-the-job training opportunities for students as well as donate material and product for the class itself.

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