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Build My Future History

The original Build My Future event was created by the workforce group out of Springfield, MO.

The event they put on is for the Construction Industry as a whole. 

CFI was lucky to be invited to attend this extraordinary event to represent the Flooring Sector of the industry, and we were blown away by the amount of engaged young adults that swarmed the area. Their 2018 event welcomed about 1,214 students from 37 different cities, 57 schools and 15 counties!

The Construction and Trade Industry has struggled to find ways to allow the youth to “test drive” careers as they can with many other industries. This is what makes an event such as this so amazing for young adults to be a part of. Most young adults do not recognize a career in a trade as viable for their future, but that is simply because they have not gotten the proper education on it. The Flooring Industry is a career path for young adults that would not only open the opportunity for them to make good money, but it would even allow them to become business owners. The trade itself is hurting so bad that business owners within the industry are paying for young adults to go through training to learn how to become an installer, inspector, sales rep (ect.) just so they can turn around and hire them. The opportunity is now!

9:30am – 2:30pm

April 23, 2019

Plano Event Center
2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75074

Build My Future: Flooring Edition

“Build My Future: Flooring Edition” gives the students the opportunity to have a day to work in the Flooring Industry through an interactive showcase. At this event, students will learn about the education programs and employment opportunities that are available within the Flooring Industry throughout the DFW Metroplex and Worldwide! Come be a part of this extraordinary, one of a kind, hands-on learning career fair event with equipment demonstrations, and educational displays facilitated by industry professionals.


After High School Graduation only about 29.4% of students go on to enroll in college. After which only about 27% of college graduates obtain careers that are closely related to their degree.

Unfortunately, for many who choose not to attend college after High School Graduation feel that fast-food and retail jobs are the only things that await them, and it’s simply not true!

“High schoolers are weighing the benefits of blue-collar trades at a time when well-paying jobs—and no debt—are hard to pass up”.

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