Combating COVID-19 Webinar

On May 20th, Robert Varden was joined by Jeff King, the General Counsel for the WFCA for a webinar focused on the challenging and uncertain times that we face and that will be with us for a while. This video is from that webinar presentation.

We all share concerns for our families, loved ones and businesses in the wake of the impact of COVID-19. In these challenging times, we are doing everything we can to support you and the industry. We will need to adapt to survive.

CFI has been serving the installation community for over 26 years and together, we have overcome many difficult times. We are a family, and we’re facing one of our greatest challenges yet. You can rely on us to continue to deliver critical information and to that end, we have put together a webinar, the first of many to come, to showcase some best practices, provide resources, answer questions, and ensure that we all work together to make sure we all get through this.

Webinar Topics:

  • PPP and Other Available Loans and Grants
  • Unemployment Opportunities for Self-Employed, LLCs, and Sole Proprietors
  • Protect Yourself When Your Working
  • Q&A