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“CFI does really well teaching the technical side. I learned really fast what would have taken me years to learn.” 

- Kyle Rose

“CFI is a win-win. If we train or certify you, your whole life will change- not immediately, but over time. CFI is the way to plan for your future and become the go-to installation firm in your area. We want you to be successful! We want you to raise the level of compensation and profit for you and your families!

CFI is beneficial in making all of these things happen. The people involved in CFI are here to make flooring installation a trade to respected and to differentiate ourselves from non-professional installers.”

- Alan Ellis

“The 5-week installer training in Forney, TX was a great experience for our installers.  The repetition and technical direction accelerated our installers’ skills allowing them to gain the confidence needed to start running smaller jobs on their own.  The rapport between the instructors and students is invaluable, allowing the students to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.”

- Ryan Foley

“Joining the CFI Family has impacted my life positively in many ways. Ever since my first day in the Residential Course, I fell in love with flooring and the CFI way of doing things. It’s given me a sense of accomplishment, and something to take pride in as I install every day. I’ve never been a part of something quite like CFI before, and I am thankful for the opportunity to get certified and start my installation career off with a solid foundation. I see the opportunity for growth and I plan to continue my education in flooring and obtain further certifications. What I have learned work/business wise is priceless. I’m thankful for a good people involved with CFI and the connections I have made. It feels great to be a part of something bigger than myself that will live on for years to come.”

- Brook Williams

“For anyone who wants to get into flooring and learn the proper way, CFI’s 5-week class gives a great foundation.”

- Lucas Martin

“I am grateful to CFI for a first-rate certification course. It is worth the time and expense of having an installer off the floor for the days of training and certification.”

- Leigh Bakhtiari